Education Support For Children with Disabilities

Children and young adults with disabilities face discrimination an many challenges in accessing education in Nepal. The lack specialized teacher training and materials for the disabled along with the inaccessibility of infrastructure lead to their exclusion from school and from society. Education Support for Children with Disabilities is a project that supports the rights of children with disabilities through educational services and advocacy. The aim is to provide tutoring support that leads to mainstream school access, to support teacher training and guide schools in the use of adaptive assistive devices and curriculum development. Our program targets some of the most remote villages and regions of Nepal as well as underserved populations in the Kathmandu valley. Through education and skill development ESCD works with disabled children and young adults by giving them the tools to realize their individual potential.

Sakshyam hopes to raise sufficient funds for this multi-year project and is pleased to launch the project with the support of the Marika Foundation for Social Action.