Founder, Executive Director

Manisha is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, White Cane (Life story of a young blind man), 2014 and Walliko Diary (Diary of a young married woman), 2006 and a poetry collection Foolharuko Ranga Chhaina (Colorless flowers), 2004. As a filmmaker, she has worked as location producer, script writer, translator, narrator and field interviewer on several independent documentaries focused on human rights issues. As a published writer she is recognized for her ability to write about social justice issues from the perspective of individuals, their struggles and personal stories. She has worked as a television journalist and has more then three and half years working experience in the field of radio drama for social behaviour change.

She has worked as the Lead Radio Drama Writer for Antenna Foundation Nepal, one of the key nonprofit organizations in the field of media in Nepal. She is also a Social Worker and Disability Rights Activist and has worked for numerous nonprofits including: Nepal Disabled Human Rights Center (DHRC-Nepal), Sangya, Deep Jyoti women's group, Lashya women's group. 



Founder, Technical and Media Advisor

Prabin is a well-known director and editor in the Nepali music and film industry. Over the last decade, he has worked on over 2000 promotional pieces, edited 1000 music videos, directed 50 music videos, and worked on over 20 documentaries. He wrote, directed and edited the award winning Nepali feature film "MOKSHYA" which was awarded the prestigious Annual Tuborg Image Award in multiple categories.

His other honors and awards include: Best Debut Director of the year for "MOKSHYA", Box Office Award and NFDC National Film Award. MAHA Jury Award, NEFTA Award in 2014 and Best Film Critics Award for "MOKSHYA".  As a young man, Prabin Shrestha, survived with a spinal cord injury which resulted in the permanent loss of the use of his legs. Mr. Shrestha never looked back and has continually challenged society's perception of people with disabilities and advocated for their rights.




Founder, Program Manager

Amrita is a disability rights advocate, endeavoring for a change in Nepal. She has more than five years of experience working on disability and accessibility issues. She is passionate about advocating for the rights of people with disabilities in relation to physical, attitudinal and employment barriers through social media campaigns, awareness drives, and advocacy.

She received her B.A in psychology and sociology. She is currently pursuing her M.A in Crisis Management.

As a Community Solutions Program fellow at World Institute on Disability in Berkeley, California, Amrita has learned about employment and economic empowerment programs, social media advocacy, and social inclusion practices to implement in Nepal.

Amrita likes traveling, learning new things, and adrenaline activities.




Founder, Secretary

Deepika has eight years working experiences on different developmental issues including conflict resolution, community development, and governance and disability rights. She has experience working in a local government office as well as different I/NGOs.

She co-founded a volunteer based campaign called Donation for Education which helped to set up a school library in a remote village of Sindhupalchowk and also donated books and stationery to the school libraries in three different districts of Nepal. She is a nonviolent communication practitioner and is passionate about the creative arts.





 Founder, Executive Board Member

Ramesh is a PhD Scholar from Central Department of Rural                              Development at Tribhuvan University. As a person with a physical disability                      himself, he has worked with various nonprofit including NGOs/INGOs in the                field of human rights and disability.He is a singer, composer and writer, with                    more than 100 published articles and features in national and local magazines                  and papers.